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  1. 2010, Pretoria, South-Africa

Hi my name is Carla

Here at scale it large we have a passion for what we create. We are truly in love with our jobs. We share an office with NGL {New Graphical Lab}, so we never stop inspiring one another. We all received our degrees in our various fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Graphic design. Two of our staff was selected as best overall students throughout Pretoria as well as in Johannesburg.

We go above and beyond to ensure that the client gets what they pay for. Top quality is what we strive for, thus the name Scale it Large...we might work with pixels, but we make sure they never show.

Our staff members lecture part time at the architecture department of Tshwane University of Technology. We encourage growth, and what better way to stay up to date on the latest trends, technology and techniques than to research and prepare a lecture for others.

Is that a challenge?

Bring it...the more challenging the project the better....WE'LL GET THE JOB DONE!

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Carla Dutoit


In my free time I like to wakeboard with Mr Du Toit, play with our dog Mose, prepare interesting cuisines, write and play songs on the guitar. I also enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Johan Du Toit


Meet Mr Du Toit. Sharing an office with NGL brings a great amount of inspiration to my day.

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